Dental crowns are permanent prosthetics that can cover a damaged tooth. Depending on your specific case, we may recommend dental crowns in place of a large filling or if the tooth is weak and fractured.

If your teeth are weak, damaged, or cracked and cannot be fixed with alternative treatments, we may suggest a dental crown. A crown provides you with a strong new tooth that will reduce your pain and discomfort from your current tooth problem. We are pleased to offer two options in our office: zirconia crowns and porcelain crowns.

While both porcelain and zirconia crowns offer safe, customized, and aesthetically pleasing solutions to chipped or damaged teeth, zirconia crowns tend to be more lasting as they are more durable than those made of porcelain. Their superior strength is able to withstand normal wear and tear from chewing, speaking, and biting, prolonging the lifetime of your crown. In fact, zirconia crowns have a 99 percent survival rate after 5 years while their porcelain alternatives typically need to be replaced every few years. Additionally, their multicolored, translucent, and smooth exterior reduces abrasion of the teeth and gum tissue giving them a more comfortable fit and a more natural appearance than porcelain crowns.

During your consultation we will discuss which option is best for your individual needs. You can rest assured that your crown will be safe, durable, beautiful, and customized to your unique smile.

Here at Beetham Dentistry we are pleased to provide zirconia crowns to our patients. Zirconia is known for its durability, and is classified as a part of the titanium family. This material is optimal for use in dental crowns as teeth need to be able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with chewing and grinding.

Zirconia is easily milled, fitted, and cemented to a patient’s tooth, making it a preferable option when it comes to selecting a crown for your chipped or broken tooth. The entire process of customizing and placing a zirconia crown can be completed in one office visit, saving you the time and hassle of multiple appointments. What’s even better is that zirconia crowns are much more cost effective than their porcelain alternatives since they do not have to be sent off to a lab in order to be created and customized.

After receiving your zirconia crown, it is important to follow the after-care instructions given by your dentist. Since your zirconia crown will look and function like your natural teeth, you will be able to brush and floss regularly. Be sure to select a toothbrush and toothpaste that will effectively remove food particles and bacteria from the mouth to best preserve your crown.

At Beetham Dentistry, we provide comprehensive dental exams to figure out your needs and the best type of treatment. If a dental crown is the answer, we are able to provide this service here in our office.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

We might recommend crowns if your teeth are weak, damaged, or cracked to the point that they cannot be fixed in other ways, such as with fillings. While you might have pain and difficulty eating with a current tooth problem, a crown provides a strong new tooth that will contribute to better oral health. After resolving a damaged tooth with the strength of a new crown, you can eat all of the foods you enjoy, no matter how hard it is to bite. Many people are suffering from a lack of confidence from tooth problems, and have lost the joy of smiling due to concerns with their appearance. Dr. Marianna Beetham is especially skilled in providing crowns with an exact match to your other teeth. Even if the tooth in need of replacement is a front tooth, Dr. Beetham can ensure a fabulous restoration of your smile using a crown. A cosmetic dental crown like this provides the look of a real tooth to give you back your best smile and your self-esteem.

We understand that many people are nervous about the idea of getting a crown. Although the idea of a crown may be intimidating at first, our staff will do all they can to ensure your comfort throughout this procedure. Additionally, a crown tends to prevent tooth damage from worsening, which eventually leads to the need for an extraction. At that point, you would need a more extensive dental solution than a crown. With a crown, you gain back the look and function of a real tooth in its healthiest condition without completely removing the damaged tooth, improving your life and health overall.

About Dental Crowns
We have different crown materials to choose from. We use high quality porcelain or zirconia crowns depending on your unique needs for your tooth repair. Each of these materials is hypo-allergenic and can provide an exact match for your tooth color. We can discuss the different materials with you and lend our expertise to find the best balance of price, strength and appearance in each situation. In our office, we use an advanced imaging tool called an iTero scanner, each crown is created by laser 3D printers which makes them extremely accurate.

The core purpose of dental crowns is to promote your oral health and function, while also maintaining or improving the appearance of your smile. This procedure helps restore your mouth to a state of health as you had prior to your tooth being damaged. People tend to get used to a crown quickly and feel like it is simply another one of their natural teeth. Through general dentistry services, we can also help prevent this kind of damage from happening to other teeth, minimizing the need for additional crowns.

For an exam to check whether you need a crown or to move ahead with a recommended crown procedure, contact us at (425) 825-8800 today to set up an appointment.