It is no secret that an impression is one of the most dreaded parts of treatment with dental restorations or Invisalign®. The experience is uncomfortable and the material used has a displeasing texture and taste. However, it has always been necessary in order to achieve the right fit for your appliance or restoration. Fortunately, with the help of iTero® Element™ technology, we can say goodbye to those nasty impressions and hello to a new and improved patient experience.

iTero® Element™ offers a more clear, detailed, 3D impression that can be viewed instantly after an intraoral scan. This advanced technology allows our team to take scans more quickly and accurately than ever before, saving you time without sacrificing the quality of your treatment. In fact, scans for tooth restorations can be completed in as little as 2 minutes. With iTero® Element™ we are able to achieve exceptional visualization of the teeth and periodontal tissue, helping us to ensure a precise fit for your dental restorations or Invisalign® clear braces without the need for multiple traditional impressions.

iTero® Element™ provides additional benefits for those patients being treated with Invisalign® using Invisalign® Outcome Simulator. This chair-side application gives you a visual representation of how your teeth might look after your treatment!

Patients receiving restorations can experience an enhanced level of care with iTero® Element™ as the digital impressions it produces help us create precisely fitting restorations that function and feel like your natural teeth.

For more information about our iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanner or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (425) 825-8800.

Do you have the desire to achieve a whiter, brighter smile? Is your whitening toothpaste just not doing the trick? Here at Beetham Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we are proud to offer Phillips Zoom technology to our patients so they can achieve the smile of their dreams in a quick, safe, and effective way.

What is Phillips Zoom?

Phillips Zoom is an in-office teeth whitening process. This solution provides optimal, professional results and removes any stress from trying to whiten your teeth from home! Our in-office whitening solution can make your smile 8 shades whiter in less than 60 minutes with the use of a light-activated gel. The gel and light work in conjunction to break up dirt and stains on your teeth without damaging their structural integrity. If you want a quick, safe, and healthy way to improve the appearance of your teeth, a professional Phillips Zoom treatment may be the right treatment option for you! Our highly trained staff will work with you to customize your treatment to your specific needs and preference.

Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed

The Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed option is a more comprehensive treatment that will help your smile become up to 8 times brighter! Before we begin, we will discuss which shade you wish to achieve so we can customize your treatment to fit your goals.
The procedure takes about 60 minutes and uses both gel and light to help remove stains from eating certain foods, smoking cigarettes, and aging. After the gel is applied to your teeth, a blue LED lamp will help to speed up the gel’s whitening process. This process will be repeated 4 times over the next hour, and then you’ll be finished! Dr. Beetham will apply another gel to protect your enamel and reduce sensitivity in your teeth and gums. The experience is completely comfortable and minimally obtrusive.
If any of these procedures sound like the right option your your smile, schedule an appointment with Dr. Beetham today!

Here at Beetham Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we are proud to offer digital x-rays to our patients should they require them. These types of X-rays are preferable to other types of images as they use a very small dose of ionizing radiation and provide sharp quality image.

Digital dental x-rays can be taken inside your mouth (intraoral), or they may be taken outside your mouth (extraoral). Intraoral digital dental x-rays are the most frequently used x-rays, providing enormous detail about the current condition of your teeth.

Intraoral x-rays include:
Bite-wing X-Rays that are frequently used for detecting decay in between teeth, to check the condition of bone around teeth and to assess the fit and integrity of dental restorations including crowns and fillings.
Periapical X-Rays are used to view the entire tooth from its crown to the tip of the tooth root, as well as the bone surrounding the tooth. Periapical x-rays are useful in detecting dental abscesses and for assessing bone loss around the tooth which can occur if you have advanced gum disease.

Extraoral x-rays include:
Panoramic X-Rays: A panoramic x-ray is taken by a machine that rotates around your head, providing a single detailed image of all your teeth in your upper and lower arch. Panoramic x-rays are very useful for assessing impacted wisdom teeth and other jaw problems, and for planning dental treatments including implants.

There is no special preparation needed to perform a panoramic X-ray, but you will need to remove all jewelry, metal accessories or objects, and glasses (if applicable). While your exposure to radiation is limited, we will also ask that you put on a lead apron we will supply to best protect your health and safety. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (425) 825-8800.

At Beetham Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we utilize a SoPro Intraoral Camera to best visualize your teeth and gums during your examination. In addition to giving us better visualization, our intraoral camera allows us to give you a visual image of procedure results or any problem areas such as tooth decay and gum disease.

The LIFE function of our SoPro intraoral camera acts as infrared scanner of tooth enamel and can detect decay, as decay will show as area with density loss. This feature allows us to accurately differentiate healthy tissue from that which is infected. When the SoPro camera moves over a cavity, the light turns from green to red to show the size and location of the cavity. Even if there is no darkening or staining on the surface of the teeth, this advanced camera can show weakened areas of the teeth so we can better proceed with treatment.

This tool is safe and effective in helping us diagnose common dental issues and in customizing treatment options to your specific needs. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (425) 825-8800.

At Beetham Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we are pleased to use Zyris Isolite to best isolate, illuminate, and retract while providing optimal suction and patient safety. What does this mean for you? Not only does this tool allow your dentist to perform procedures quicker and with more ease, but it also helps prevent infection, cross-contamination, accidental swallowing, and trauma.

Due to the unique design of the tool, Zyris Isolite helps to reduce the amount of dental aerosol in the atmosphere. Dental aerosol can consist of saliva, water, plaque, microorganisms, and metabolites that can cause health risks such as respiratory infections and diseases when exposed through direct contact or through inhalation. Patient health and safety are our top priorities, so we take extra steps to help prevent the spread of infection and disease. By implementing this effective technology, we can ensure a safe, comfortable environment for our staff and patients. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (425) 825-8800.

We know that a trip to the dentist might not seem the most fun, especially if you suffer from dental anxiety. That is why we like to incorporate a bit of entertainment into your visit! Our office is furnished with a Smart TV that is fully equipped with Netflix and Disney+ to suit any of your viewing preferences. We find that a pleasant distraction helps keep our patients comfortable, and also makes their visit more enjoyable. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite show or that new movie you’ve been wanting to see while we take care of your dental needs!

Did you know that nearly 92% of people experience a cavity at least once in their lifetime? While cavities can typically be treated with dental fillings, it is always best to take preventative measures against cavities and to maintain dental examinations and cleanings. Early detection can help stop cavities in their tracks and prevent them from developing into more complex issues. With the help of DIAGNOdent technology, we are able to detect dental caries (that eventually become cavities) in their early stages, which is otherwise impossible when viewing with the naked eye. Utilizing this technology not only helps us to prevent dental issues that could compromise your health, but it also helps to save you money and time by preventing the need for costly dental procedures to correct damage.

Our DIAGNOdent technology uses a laser to detect the presence of caries in teeth. This process usually only takes a few minutes and is painless. DIAGNOdent is nearly 95% accurate detecting tooth decay in the early stages. If caries are detected, we can pinpoint the area of decay and remove it much easier than treating a full blown cavity. In fact, most cases allow for conservative treatment to best preserve your natural tooth structure and prevent a toothache that is often accompanied by cavities.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (425) 825-8800.